Elneos Five instrument med 30V/ 2A strømforsyning og multimeter

kr 19 800,00
ERFI-ELNEOSFIVE-TYPE2 selges i mengder av 1

30V / 2A         Precision regulation power supply with rectangular generator and precision multimeter

EL5.SA1.56.1 Stand-alone casing
EL5.1 Capacitive control center 7"-Multitouch
EL5.SA1.56.1 Stand-alone casing
EL5.32 Precision DC-power supply incl. metering
EL5.D Precision Universal Digital Multimeter

This is an example configuration. Please contact us for other configurations

5 electronic units can be combined according to customer-specific needs: Regulating power supply units up to 60V/ 10A, Digital multimeters, 40A, 1000V, Energy meters, Functional generators and arbitrary waveform generators. 

The control center of elneos five controls up to 6 devices simultaneously and another 8 plug-in units with maximum 4 devices can be connected at the left and right-hand side. This means that up to totally 32 devices can be controlled. 

The end-to-end glass front of elneos five is completely equipped with capacitive technology. It is highly stable, scratch-resistant and vandal-proof. 

The 7"large multitouch display of elneos five is operated by contact with up to 5 fingers and ensures an enormous ease of operation.






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