HSE-policy Etm4u



Etm4u’s goal with HSE-work is to create safe work conditions for our employees and our surroundings in order to avoid accidents and damage to people, environment and material. We shall protect health and environment and fulfill the demands from the regulations. All HSE documents are available on our internal common server for all employees.


Etm4u’s HSE policy is compiled as basis for the HSE activities in the company. The HSE policy is prepared by the management in understanding with the employees. The HSE policy express the meaning of heath, environment and safety in the daily activities, and is a commitment for the administration and the employees.

We are continuously working to reduce risk in all parts of our business, and are aiming to meet the community demands in a safe and environmentally best possible way. The management and the employees shall, at all times possess the necessary knowledge to ensure that the considerations to health and safety is a natural part of our business.

Organisational distribution of responsibility

The main responsibility for the HSE policy stays with the management. At the same time everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to perform their work according to this policy, and keep themselves updated as the policy is revised.

Deviation / Error Handling

It is of great importance that handling of adverse events, next-accidents and other blameworthy events is clearly defined. Deviations are to be reported to nearest leader or to safety representative. Errors are to be corrected and new measures are to be prepared.


Etm4u’s HSE work is normally revised by the management once a year. Managing director and the safety representative shall secure the following issues:

  • HSE-goals are reachable.
  • HSE-demands are fulfilled.
  • HSE-work is carried out as planned.
  • HSE-manual and HSE-routines are updated.

The result of the revision is to be reported to the board, management and employees. A plan for further adjustments and updates of the HSE-manual shall be compiled.