Schroff Configurator for Frontpanels & Cabinets

Configurator for Front Panels


An extensive range of front panels to provide a finishing touch to the front of your chassis – visually  and functionally. 

  • The front panel configurator enables you to quickly design your solution with cutouts and paint/print in  addition to the complete CAD and BOM documentation 

  • Various Options for Paint & Print: 

    • Powder coating, silk screen, digital printing 

    • Large selection of colors available for design elements from colorful logos to photo-realistic images

    • High stability of colors against light, temperature, chemicals and other environmental influences

    • Details down to 3p font size 

  • Standardized and individual cut-outs: 

    • For standardized board interfaces 

    • CAD library with standard cut-outs available 

    • Can upload application-specific cut-outs: individual geometries/shapes and individual location/placement

  • Many options for compatible handles from static to inserter/extractor handles and PCB fixing

Front panel