Schroff Configurator for Novastar Cabinets

Configurators for Novastar Cabinets



The base frame, made in lightweight aluminium, is the basis for  your individual NOVASTAR. And now you decide: small or large,  in standard depth or with extended space for cabling and heat  dissipation, whether as a stand-alone solution or stacked one on  top of another and bolted together.  

The NOVASTAR platform concept leaves no wish neglected. And  regardless of how you put your NOVASTAR together, the internal  dimensions remain consistently compatible with 19" technology.  Unwanted spaces in either height or width are now a thing of the past. 

With a cabinet width of only 553 mm, NOVASTAR is the slimmest  of all 19" cabinets. It has a slender, filigreed look, almost like a  piece of designer furniture. This impression is further reinforced  by the different finishes of the frame and cover trim and the plain,  modern full-glass doors.  

Because of this, NOVASTAR is not only used in offices and  laboratories but also in sound and TV studios. And indeed as a  collector's item in the occasional home